Commercial Audio / Video



CRT offers world class commercial audio & video technologies for Restaurants, Bar & Night Clubs, TV/News Stations, Video Walls, Executive Board Rooms, offices and more. If you’re looking for a truly professional Audio or Video solution, give us a call today!

With over two decades in the industry and long established relationships with hundreds of manufacturers, CRT’s professional design team can lead you in the right direction from the get go to give you the optimal performance and quality you’re looking for.

Our experienced technicians work together with design teams from all over the Country to ensure that every aspect of your A/V needs are designed using a proactive mindset and concentration on future expansions to ensure your hard earned dollars are spent without waste.


Are you a Restaurant, Bar or Night Club owner or simply want to spice up your Tiki Bar?
CRT has proven solutions for just about any outside Venue.

With Florida having one of the harshest environments when it comes to A/V equipment you want to be sure that what you purchase today will still be serving you for years to come and not chasing good money after bad. We work rigorously with manufacturers to ensure we utilize the absolute best equipment based on your environment to gain maximum life expectancy.

Whether you want your customers to have that WOW factor experience, Spice up your existing system or simply fill in those annoying dead or overlapping zones, CRT will be happy to assist you with all of your Audio & Video needs.